Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Emily's loose tooth

We stopped at a new-to-us burger joint for supper last night on our way home from an awesome week at the cottage (post on that to come later). The burger joint is Champ Burger. It is in Shelburne, Ontario right beside Super Burger, which we had tried last time and let me just say WORST. FRIES. EVER. Champ Burger wins the contest between the two and we'll stop there again for sure especially since I now have a very soft spot for Champ Burger and it has nothing to do with the burgers.

Emily has been complaining of a sore tooth for about a week now. I told her that I'd get her to the dentist this week to see what was going on. Last night at Champ Burger she mentioned it again so I decided to have one more look myself. I put my finger on the tooth and.... it moved! John and I had wondered if it was loosening and that was causing it to feel weird (more than hurt) and we were right.

I gave Emily a big hug... I couldn't help myself. This is a major rite of passage and something to celebrate. Emily was beside herself with excitement. I may have even seen tears of happiness in her eyes. She's been waiting for this for a while.

And as I suspected, the tooth in question (lower front) is the same one that was there when she was born. Yes, Emily had one tooth when she was born (can you say sore nipples?) but it receded after a couple of weeks and then popped back out at 3 months. It was her lone tooth until she was a year old. Now we'll be saying goodbye to it.

I have a feeling the tooth fairy may leave it for me to keep in the memory box.


Julie said...

how exciting! and it being her first tooth to come in too.

Ama x three said...

Just so you can be prepared, they generally come out in the order of which they appeared. Or, so I have been told. Makes sense, tho. As a former first grade teacher, I have dealt with many a loose tooth and even pulled a few myself. Exciting times!!

Pam said...

How exciting!!! Ironically, Nevan complained of a sore tooth on Monday night and I too poked my finger in his mouth. He also has a loose tooth. He keeps playing with it and is sorely disappointed that it hasn't come out yet. I think we have a few weeks before he loses it. BTW what are you going to do re: the tooth fairy?

Karen said...

That is really funny that Nevan found his loose tooth at the same time.

I fully embrace the tooth fairy. I loved it when I was a kid (although I always knew it was my parents). I think I'll give a loonie per tooth - I got 25 cents when I was little so I adjusted for inflation.