Monday, January 31, 2011

Wah, harumph, grumble!

Here are some things I feel the need to complain about:
  • John being away for most of last week while Henry decided to stay awake two hours (non-consecutive) each night and cry. Not John's fault in any way. Just bad luck.
  • Mondays - I love them until I come home from my class at Carleton and then after that it feels like a big whirlwind while I try and clean up from the day and do the dishes and make dinner and play with the girls who really want to play games after not seeing me all day.
  • my letter writing - I'm behind a letter. Last week, while I had plans to squeeze in my letter-writing, I didn't get it done. See above as to why.
  • gluten. I love it but why doesn't it love me? Wah.
  • people who flaunt rules... in front of their kids no less. Our local outdoor skating rink is actually a double-rink: one for recreational skating and one for hockey. There is a clear sign in the changing area that sticks, pucks and balls are prohibited on the rec ice. Does anyone care? Yes, two people - me and one other perturbed father who, like me, had to make sure his children didn't get a slapshot to the orbital lobe. Every other person on the ice (and there were many) had a stick, puck, net or full goalie gear (no exaggeration). Yes, I am calling my city councillor tomorrow. I'm that grumpy anti-hockey mom. So sue me for being unCanadian. I don't care. I just want to skate with my kids.
  • The City of Ottawa's current garbage and recycling program. Our green bin (organic compostable waste) is currently full to the top - the lid can barely close - and it is also frozen solid. It's only collected every two weeks. We are a family of five (4 and a half anyway) who eat a lot of compostables and we're very committed to composting. The bin was full at the end of last week and it won't be collected until this Thursday. Collecting only once every two weeks is not acceptable when you want to encourage people to compost. I've told the city this in their current survey but I still feel the need to complain. To anyone who will listen.
  • People who say they are "trying to prove a point" to the City by not using the Green Bin program. There is a special place in Hell reserved for you people. And I hope it is full of your stinky garbage.
Phew. Just needed to get that off my chest. And now, on to more positive things. Time for some tea and knitting. And a freshly baked (gluten-free) muffin!


Julie said...

my grumble about the green bin at the moment is that its frozen and the don't bang the bin when they drump it so it remains half full. then i have to wait another two weeks to cram all of the stuff in there and hope for a warm day to thaw it a little to get the bottom stuff out which has been in there for the last two months!

thanks for letting me vent. and yes, those who aren't composting deserve a very special place in a garbage filled hell.

Anonymous said...

Hey, did you know that the City is considering weekly pickup of the green bin right now? You can take a survey on this issue here:

Karen said...

Yah, I know about the once-a-week collection idea. I did the survey yesterday. My beef is that they didn't do this from the beginning. I think it was sooo very short-sited. Why do they think that people will eat less vegetables in the winter? And if they really wanted to do biweekly collection, why didn't they give us the really big green bins like they have in TO? Okay, apparently my rant is not over.