Friday, February 18, 2011

Change of plans

We were supposed to be driving to my dad's in Gravenhurst right about now but Emily's stomach had a different idea for the weekend.

Yesterday morning Emily got up around 6:00 coughing and crying (I should have known what was to come... coughing for her is a sure sign of digestive distress - and impending yakking). She went back to bed until about 7:30 when she got up and ralphed. She had some water later. And then up came the water.

She spent from about 8:00 until 11:30 asleep. The rest of the day she lazed about feeling sort of okay when she had Motrin in her but really not okay when the Motrin wore off. Fevery.

After a lovely bubble bath last night (soothing and useful to wash barf out of hair) she felt GREAT! I thought maybe, just maybe, we'd be able to go to Muskoka for the weekend. But alas, this morning, she got up and laid right back down on my lap and didn't move for about 20 minutes. She still isn't herself so we've decided to stay put. Also, the risk that another member of the clan may fall to this flu also weighed on my mind. When you're barfing, you really want to do it in your own bathroom.

So, here we are: a long weekend ahead of us (as today is a P.D. day - no school) and Monday is a holiday. So, as long as everyone is healthy or near-healthy, here is our plan:

Today: a trip to the library this afternoon or Chapters (this is really more for me - I'm feeling like I need to breathe air outside these walls)? Emily may stay home for this.
Saturday: maybe go to The Farm. We haven't been there since we moved back to Ottawa. The museum isn't open yet (although will be open on Monday for Family Day) but we can still see the animals. Nice little piggies.
Sunday: Jacques Cartier Park for some Winterlude, Beavertails and sliding down the ice slides. Late afternoon - first swimming lessons (at least for Hope).
Monday: There's a winter festival at our local park from 11am to 3pm that I think we may go to. Of course, today feels like spring, but I hear that Winter plans to show his face again this weekend.

What are you doing this weekend?


Julie said...

oh no! i hope it wasn't us that inflicted this plague upon your house. though it sounds very different from what jb had. sounds like a fun weekend none the less. hope em is the only on who falls to it!

little b said...

I hope Emily feels better soon. It sounds like you have a fun weekend planned and hopefully you can go to Gravenhurst another weekend.

We'll have a few things going on for Owen's birthday this weekend. Pizza lunch with friends tomorrow and then dinner with Howard and Laura Sue on Sunday.

Shan said...

I hope she's feeling better and it hasn't spread through the house. Enjoy your weekend, sounds like great fun. We're home from Toronto now without too much planned for the rest of the weekend.

Jannie said...

Oh how sad for Emily, and all of you.
Enjoy Winterlude - it is always so much fun!
May Em get well soon - and enjoy it too.