Monday, March 28, 2011

The Sugarplum Fairy dons a bunny suit

I've decided to branch out of being a one-season Fairy and try my hand wooden spoon at the Easter Season.

I have updated my Sugarplum Fairy blog. If you are in the Ottawa area and are itching for some homebaking (gluten-free available now as well!), please contact me! All my particulars are on The Sugarplum Fairy Homebaking site.

What recipes do you think of when you think of Easter? I find everyone has different opinions on this and I would love to hear about your Easter baking traditions (and possibly glean some ideas from them!).

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Erika said...

Laura Secord cream egg (oh wait... you don't cook those!). Or my brother who would hide eggs in places like heating ducts, and we'd find eggs from the prior year? Sigh. I don't actually remember eating anything baked at Easter. Hmm... sorry... can't help!