Thursday, May 19, 2011

1 year ago: Henry's birth story in photos

It's been a year. One full, wonderful, amazing year and it seems like it was just yesterday and it seems like we've never been without him.

It's been a year and I haven't posted his birth story. I'm going to start writing it today. I still get emotional when I think about the drama of Henry's birth and maybe that's why I still haven't written it down. For now, here's a photographic look back at one year ago today (starting with what I did just before the birth started).

A trip to the salon. Good thing I did that because I wouldn't go again until 8 months later.

Hope's graduation from preschool. I think my laughing (to the point of almost losing control of my faculties) at Hope exposing herself in a church to approximately 200 people is what caused my water to break that night.

Preparing for the homebirth that didn't happen.

Walking to the hospital for IV #2. We didn't leave the hospital again until Henry was in our arms.

My amazing midwife, Mina, hooks up the IV for the penicillin. Dang that GBS. Gets me every time.

Getting a little help from John.

Looking a lot more chipper than I was probably feeling.

After the epidural (it ended up being the right decision as I had to push him out extremely fast to get him breathing again... 4 minutes of pushing and he was out. That's when I thanked God for the epidural).

Almost ready to push. He was actually born at 4:30 - the clock there is just before 4:00.

First photo of Henry. This part doesn't bring back great memories. He wasn't moving or breathing but they had him pink and screaming a few minutes later. The longest few minutes of our lives.

See? Pink and screaming.

And huge. 3.96 kilos. 8 lbs 11 oz.

First moments with Daddy.

Measuring time. I love the squishy pinkness of just-born babies.

First moments with Mummy. That grey hair was earned during your birth, Henry.

First moments with Aunt Sue. John's sister was there for the labour and delivery. She is massage therapist extraordinaire and was so amazing through the whole thing.

First feeding.

And ready to eat again.


Julie said...

these are awesome k. thanks for sharing. crazy how time whips by. love that henry still has his chunkiness.

little b said...

I love them. I hadn't seen a lot of those photos before. Even though I've heard the whole birth story, I still can't wait to read it. I'm a bit of a birth story junkie.

Marnie said...

I love birth stories, Karen. And I share your fondness for fresh pink babies too. Those first birthdays are for you, mama - what a star you have been!

Shan said...

Love the pictures! I love birth stories too. Felt a little twist in my stomach reading it though. Something like that marks you forever.

suffonsifisms said...

Beautiful, Karen! It brings back memories or my own. :) Happy Birthday, Henry. Your smile lights up the world. Isobel