Friday, May 13, 2011

New favourite: beet hummus

While I was in Austin, my sister whipped up a batch of beet hummus, a concoction I'd never tasted before. It only took one loaded cracker to have me hooked. During my first grocery shop after I got home, I picked up two mammoth beets and last night I made my first batch.

It's extremely easy... if you have a food processor.... and an oven. And it is so good with veggies or crackers or pita or whatever hummus delivery vehicle you like.

Beet hummus

Roughly chop lots of beets and place in roasting pan with water. Cover with tin foil and roast at 350F until cooked through. Place beets in food processor with two large tablespoons of tahina (or to taste... I like a lot of tahina), one or two cloves of chopped garlic, and the juice of at least one lemon (again to taste) and salt and pepper. Blend until a hummusy consistency. Delicious!


little b said...

I also put a bit of cumin into mine. Love it. I might have to make another batch this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Sounds very interesting. Hubs doesn't like Tahini so I'm not sure how it would go over here, but I'm always into trying something new. :) Isobel

Shan said...

Mmmm I love hummus!