Friday, May 27, 2011

Our trip so far

So far this trip is going much much better than I expected. But I also have extremely low expectations. So I've set myself up to be impressed.

The drive to Quebec City yesterday afternoon was great until the last hour. It was spent sitting in Quebec's UNBELIEVABLE commuter traffic. I've lived and worked in Toronto. I've seen and participated in that city's commuter traffic. It. Does. Not. Compare.

And to make it that much more enjoyable, Henry screamed for that entire hour. It was AWESOME.

Things looked way up after our check-in at the hotel. We found an amazing little nouveau pizza restaurant. Gluten-free me did a little inward sob when the beautiful thin-crust pizzas were delivered to the girls and John receives his beautiful foccacia. I had a salad, which was outstanding with asparagus wrapped in mozzarella and prociutto on top of greens and black olives. And the fancy! The restaurant had a gorgeous water theme going. It was beautiful.

The only downside was that yet again John and I had to pretty much inhale our meals to look after Henry. He was really tired after not napping all afternoon and couldn't sit through the meal.

Ditto tonight.

Thus morning we had a quick swim after our breakfast at Cora's where John and I practised our French on our patient waitress and then we toured the old city.

In a word: amazing.

We will be returning without a doubt and we'll spend much more than a morning exploring.

Even so, we got a great sense of the old city and its changes in elevation! I walked from the river to the Chateau Frontenac with Henry's 26 lbs on my back. If you've been there and walked those stairs, you understand my bragging. The wind was so fierce at the top. The girls didn't complain though. They loved it once we dug out their hats and mitts.

The driving today was better than yesterday; no driving rain, no traffic jams and no screaming. There was an extra 50 minutes of driving due to a mix up trying to find and then leave the St Hubert in Rivière du Loup. not our favourite Quebec town. That award goes to St Louis-du-Ha! Ha!

And now we're at the Best Western in Edmonston whose motto slogan should be: Edmonston Best Western: the only reason to come to Edmonston.

Seriously awesome hotel in a seriously shitty town. Sorry Edmonston. I tell it like it is.

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Location:Boulevard Hébert,Edmundston,Canada


Julie said...

glad to hear the start of your trip has been so successful. and my hats off to you for the trek up the stairs with henry on your back. that is truly inspiring! and the wind in quebec city is crazy! good call lon bringing the hat and mitts. can't wait to hear about the trip as it goes along.

little b said...

I can't believe you had hat and mitts with you. That is so out of my realm of thought right now.

Glad it's going well. And that the Best Western is treating you well.