Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Do or do not. There is no try.

When I saw this shirt on Etsy, I had to buy it for Henry.

First, I'm a big Star Wars fan.  John is an even bigger Star Wars fan. 

Also, this Yodaism fits Henry to a tee.  This guy is bigger, stronger, smarter and definitely more mischievous than you would assume. 

To your own peril.

As evidenced by him pulling down the laptop, climbing on the couch and opening it.  This is just one of the many, many moments of Henry's day when he is into something, pulling down something, messing up something or taking something.

The morning often starts with him opening the dishwasher (on his own - it requires that he depresses a latch and then pulls the door open), removing cutlery and throwing the cutlery into the cutlery drawer.

He then moves on to opening my iPad, finding the video folder, choosing Netflix and then finding a Barney episode to watch.  On.  His.  Own.

After that, it's time to empty the Tupperware cupboard or perhaps unfold all the laundry or maybe walk around with the cloth diaper pail.  Or climb up to Emily's bunkbed.  You know... if he's in the mood.

Or perhaps he'll find my teacup and drink the remnants.  Or eat garbage off the floor.  Or out of the compost bin.  Yum.  Breakfast of champions.

He may wear my underwear around on top of his pants.  Or pull every Wii game out of the drawer.  Or pull a step-stool over to the sink and start playing in the dishwater.  And take photos of his day with my iPhone.

Yeah, I no longer judge him by his size. Actually, now that I re-read this post... I'm starting to think that Henry is actually Yoda.  Without the Jedi powers.  Although they still may show themselves.  Next time my plane is stuck in a Dagobah swamp, I'm going to see if he can lift it with just a blink of his stink eye.


Julie said...

i love this post.

can i be there to watch him perform his jedi voodoo?

Isobel said...

I love it too. I don't think I've read a post that made me laugh like this in a long time! :)

Shan said...

That is the funniest thing I have read today!