Saturday, December 10, 2011

Early mornings

I'm not naturally an early riser but kids will force you to do all kinds of things that don't come naturally.

Henry is in the habit of getting up at 6:00 am. And twice in the night, I should add (insert sympathetic awwwws here).

On a school morning this just means that I have more time to get things done before school starts. And I don't mind that at all. On a Saturday, I guess it means I can blog. Or make pancakes. Or amuse Henry (quietly) while everyone else is asleep

But this week I realised that since Henry was born, I've slept in once. ONCE. It was at the cottage this summer and it was only because I requested it and then Hope kept wandering into our room to ask me questions. And no one stopped her so I just gave up and got out of bed. So it didn't really accomplish the happy mood I was looking for.

It's getting a little a lot played. I guess since I'm the one who always gets up with him, it's become the norm around here. And sometimes when a norm is established, it's like turning a laker to change it.

On the upside, I like to watch the sunrise and see the birds arriving at the feeder and I like the quiet in the house. On the downside, it's becoming obvious that I don't have a lot that's worthwhile to say at 6:00 am.


Julie said...

our deal is that i get to sleep in on saturdays and marty gets sundays. because everyone deserves to get one day of regeneration a week.

little b said...

We have also set up a system that we each get to sleepin one weekend day. It was always me getting up, and eventually I had a serious breakdown about it. It's much better now.

Anonymous said...

see, i LIKE to get uup between 5-6 a.m. but, i don't have kids, and i think it'd be different if this wake-up time was imposed upon me, rather than my choice. and if i was chronically sleep deprived.
um...there will be years for sleeping when the kids are older? when they're teens and noon is when they finally roll out of bed? you only have about 10 more years til then! (eesh!).

Shan said...

We used to split the sleep ins on the weekend too. I'm loving the fact that they can pretty much take care of themselves when the wake up now. Although Mike is usually the first one up. Sometimes Abby beats him. Maya and I take turns getting out of bed last. I like it.