Thursday, January 26, 2012

New-found time

Henry is in this habit of getting up in the morning at 5:45 or so.  Today he slept in to a more reasonable 6:30 but that's rare.

And what do I do with this extra time that's being forced on me when so much of Ottawa (and my own house) is blissfully asleep?

I make lunches, read the paper, read email and blogs, make coffee (or tea) of course.

But I'm thinking that I should treat this extra time as something more special (rather than consistently wishing I was still asleep as I do most mornings).  Yesterday I decided I would start trying to head out for a morning walk.  This only works if John is home.  Which he isn't at the moment.

For the mornings when he isn't here or it's too damn cold and icy to convince myself to head outside, I'm going to use some of my time to blog.  I've been complaining and whining and lamenting about the infrequency of my posts, which is truly due to how many other things are vying for my time (read: Guiding).  I don't really have an excuse if I've got an extra 30 minutes to myself in the morning.

Oh, Henry?  What's he doing during this time?  Well, watching Netflicks on my iPad, of course.  The kid knows how to find it, choose a show, adjust the volume, get back to the start of shows.  He'll probably be sending you an email to tell you all about it.

I have some ideas whirling around in my brain about goals or projects I want to undertake for this my 40th birthday year.  Blogging is going to play a part.  I've got some more thinking to do on it before I tell you all about it.  But I'm beginning to think this extra time in my day will play a crucial role.


Julie said...

where's john?

it will be nice to see more of you in the blogosphere. even if i get to see you once a week!

Karen said...

John has an 8:30 class on Thursday mornings so he's gone to the bus by 6:30.

little b said...

Owen is an early riser too. I've been thinking I should use the time more productively, but usually, I just try to pretend I'm not awake yet.

Karen said...

New goal: see how much I can get done by 10:00 and then after that it's just gravy.