Friday, February 10, 2012

Something's gotta give

Whenever I write a post up for the Girl Guides Canada blog (which is almost as RARE as my posts that go here), I get back in the groove of writing and wonder I'm not making time for more of it.  And then I remember, oh yeah, that's because I do this and this and this and in the evening I absolutely MUST make time for Words with Friends because I now have another addiction to add to my list but this one is sort of good for me, right?, unlike the ongoing addiction to Coronation Street which also takes up part of my evening when I should be spending some time on things that make me grow in some way - such as writing or sewing - or eating.

And for an extra twist of irony, this is exactly what my GGC post was about and I'll post the link here when it goes up although I may have scared Talya off with it's verbosity.  It's quite scary.  Even for me.

Word of the day: loquacious.

That be me.

And now, I must go and change Henry's stinky and leaking diaper.  I've ignored it (and him) too long as I wrote my post for GGC because something must be ignored at all times if I'm to get something else done.  Unfortunately this time it was Henry.  And earlier this morning, personal hygiene.

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