Sunday, March 18, 2012

He's a screamer

This little guy, while super cute, lots of fun and laughs, is killing me:

He's up too many times a night for his age but the problem is that he screams bloody murder VERY LOUDLY if left to cry, thus waking up both John and Emily who are both light sleepers.  Therefore, I'm in his room giving him a hug and putting him back down before I get to go back to sleep.  Yes, he still screams when I leave but it's a short burst and then done.  But I still have to get up and he still continues to do it nightly since his RSV rather than figuring out that he's not getting what he wants (BOOB).

I'm a bleary-eyed bag-eyed iron lady today.  I'm sure teaching Children's Hour at church is going to be AWESOME.  Thankfully we're doing The Prodigal Son with a theme of forgiveness which I plan to instill as any iron-lady would and force the children to forgive my lack of effort in the lesson planning. 


Cathy said...

i hope this is short-lived phase, karen!! must be a shock to the system to be jolted awake by the screaming!

Karen said...

You're not kidding. And somehow John manages to sleep through it (unless I let Henry cry for very long)!