Monday, February 27, 2006

Lament on the marshmallow

Last night we had dinner with several friends, hosted by our good friends, Ron and Meredith. I learned a valuable lesson: even if your friends are well-meaning and want to feed marshmallows to your 18-month old daughter directly before her bedtime, you really should refuse unless you enjoy fighting with a toddler for 3 hours to get her to bed. You've probably figured out by now that I did not refuse. I let Emily happily eat her mini-marshmallows. Then I unhappily struggled, for the next 3 hours, to get her to sleep. You know, after 18 months you'd think that I would have figured this whole parenting thing out but clearly not. Maybe I'm not as bright as I thought. #2, be afraid... or be joyous that you'll get to eat marshmallows in my moments of stupidity.

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