Sunday, February 26, 2006

A nice weekend... currie and sheep... just not in the same dish.

We've had a great weekend. Yesterday was Emily's weekly swim lesson. It was going great... she was even being uncharacteristically brave by putting her face in the water and finding it hilarious. Then things went bad when she was attempting (badly) her back floats and somehow floated right under the water without expecting it. Much crying ensued and the swim lesson ended for us a few minutes early. The day ended though with Emily loving the butter chicken we made (hoping she would try it but never being naive enough to believe she would actually like it and ask for more). The kid never stops surprising my when it comes to meals. This is one of the most frustrating things about kids at this age. You give them a food they seem to love and a day later they hate it.

Today we went to the experimental farm. We ran into a few friends who were also touring their kids around. Thus, Emily got to share her snack with some friends. Here, Emily is checking out the sheep. Tonight we are off to have dinner with friends, Ron and Meredith, where Emily will get to eat her favourite food: ham. In Emily's world, pronounced: AM!
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