Thursday, March 23, 2006

It is possible to drown in bonhomme

Emily has taken to sleeping with every stuffed animal she can get her long-fingered hands on. This is a very new development. She doesn't have a lot of stuffed animals, just a few favourites in her room, most of which are HUGE. There is 'woof-woof' - the big, tibetan sherpa looking gund dog. There is brown bear - large enough to probably eat her. And then the favourite - bonhomme. A homemade (by Omi) snowman wearing a green hat. Her favourite. I think mainly because she gets to say 'bonhomme' over and over and over again until you absolutely want to rip the stuffing out of bonhomme.

Right before she goes to sleep she whispers 'woof-woof'. 'Bonhomme'. 'Bah' (this is brown bear). She seems to think that she needs all of them around her in a crib that once seemed spacious but now seems awfully crowded. Result? She is no longer sleeping very well. She wakes up a lot through the night. We don't have to go in but she is not sleeping well, I'm sure. I am positive it is because she is totally crowded out of her bed by bonhomme and his merry band. Tonight, I must try to at least break her of the sherpa dog and the bear. Let the panic ensue.

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little b said...

good luck tonight! she is obviously your daughter, since you slept with Bear for years and years and years.