Tuesday, March 28, 2006

When the poop hits the floor

On Sunday afternoon, I was walking by Emily in the dining room when I noticed something on the floor. Since we'd just come inside from a walk, I thought it was mud from someone's shoe. On closer inspection, I confirmed it to be poop. Emily poop. Oh-my-word.

I grabbed her so that she didn't add another heel print to the one I already noticed imbedded in said poop. I handed her to John, I picked up the poop with paper towel and hosed down the floor with extra strength bleach product. At exactly this time, I heard John scream from upstairs: Oh God!! Full blow-out! Oh, the smell! I'm going down....

While unusual for Emily to have a blow-out, at least she does it well - sending the poop sailing out of the diaper and down her pant leg onto the dining room floor.

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