Thursday, March 30, 2006

Mama, uh-oh

This is what I heard from my bed this morning. Emily generally chats herself awake. She blabs, blabs, blabs and eventually calls for us. I knew something was off this morning though when she said "Mama.... uh-oh." She saves "uh-oh" for when something is amiss. It could be as simple as dropping her grape on the floor but it is always something that isn't quite right. Being that there is very little that can go wrong in her crib, John went in to find... wait for it... a naked child, a poopy diaper, a naked child with poop on her fingers.

I peeled myself out of bed and helped with the clean up which required stripping the crib, getting the clothes into the hamper, scrubbing fingers, heels, bottoms of feet, stomach, back and all points in between. Next step was Emily showering with John this morning. I had to live with it, but I still didn't feel she was quite clean enough. What if a tiny poop particle was embedded under her fingernail? Ick, ick, ick. I had to let it go but I'm still thinking about the possibility of that particle.

Ah, toddlerhood. You love seeing the milestones - learning to put on socks, learning to take off socks. Learning to put on pants, learning to rip off sleeper, onesie, diaper.

I'm told duct tape helps for these special moments.

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