Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A new addition: a weekly meme

As part of my blog learning curve (no one ever said I was quick on the uptake), I've discovered the world of memes. I've decided to introduce one a week or so. Maybe more, maybe less. We'll see how it goes and how structured I want to be. I find my life has too much structure already being that I have a toddler who thrives on it so I might find that I prefer surprising myself and you and do this randomly. Okay, here is today's meme:

1. What is your favorite veggie?

I do love broccoli but that is oh-so-predictable. Ah, I know - organic garden carrots. They taste so good. However, I also love baby bok choy the way John cooks it or floating in my favourite Vietnemese soup.

2. Are there any veggies you don't eat?

My all-time despised vegetable is brocolli rabe. What is up with that stuff? Seriously nasty.

3. Which veggie do you think has the funniest name?

I think it is very funny when the British use French names for vegetables, i.e. courgette (zucchini - which in itself is funny) and aubergine (eggplant).

4. If you're a vegetarian, why are you and do you like it? If you're not a vegetarian, would you ever want to become one?

I'm not a vegetarian although I've dappled with it before. I just like meat too much to give it up for good. That's especially true when I'm visiting my sister, Beth, in Austin. I could never give up a trip to a Texas BBQ. The memory has got my mouth watering as I type this. Clearly I'm not a candidate for the vegetarian diet. However, I love vegetables and I'd have no trouble going that route for a short time - outside of Texas.


Russ said...

Thanks for humping! You'd think the British would stay away from any word in French, wouldn't you?

Wil said...

As to the learning curve, thankfully, it isn't steep. A suggestion, though. While your governmental unit may be pretty liberal about these hings, the next one you work for may not be. It's therefore very dangerous to post using your real name. We're already seeing firings for simply having a blog in the business world. Can government, with its knee-jerk, hidebound traditions be far behind? In addition, not posting your name makes it harder for stalkers to find you.
I'm just saying...