Monday, March 13, 2006

A tough weekend all around

Emily got another cold. A nasty one. Each one seems to be worse than the previous. This one was a chest cold that developed further into a head cold. She couldn't sleep well at all. John spent 6 hours (!) in her room on Saturday night trying to help her sleep (and thus missing any sleep for him). She didn't nap. She stopped eating. She was very lethargic and just wanted to be held (mostly by me). It was a very tiring four days and I'm so glad that we are now on the other side. She's back to herself. She's sleeping better (although not back to where she was i.e. sleeping through the night and waking up happy). She's eating better (but again, not where she was i.e. eating everything she could lay her long-fingered hands on). She's generally happy again. I'm so glad. Of course, I now have a cough. The joys of daycare germs.

She has started prefacing everything she says with "mummy". On the odd occasion that she doesn't, she replaces it with "daddy". If John or I don't respond right away, we get "mummymummymummymummy" until we finally turn our complete attention to her. I've heard about this. And indeed, it is VERY ANNOYING.

So, no news to share from the weekend, no traumatic swimming stories (we had to miss our last lesson), no sugar highs (you know a kid is sick when they turn down homemade chocolate chip cookies - more for me!), no farm animals. Next weekend will be better.

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