Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My comic

Emily's favourite thing of the last month or so is to constantly ask everyone what they are doing. To the point of torture really. Often I'll turn it around, after she asks me "Ma, what doin?" about 17 times, by saying, "what do you think I'm doing?" This is pretty effective actually. She either answers or gets confused.

Every Tuesday evening, we pick up a load of organic vegetables from an Ethiopian farmer who has a big organic farm east of Ottawa. It is a great deal. We pay $15 and get a load of veggies for the week. Emily loves the routine because we go to a park to get the veggies and there is a playground and sandbox there. Due to the birth of Hope, Emily and John went without me last night. Emily usually prefaces our arrival at the park with "vegtals... park... guy". Or some combination like that. Last night, John tells me, she kept saying: "Vegtal guy, vegtal guy" as they approached the park. John kept correcting her by telling her: "say Vegetable Man." and she did. On their arrival, she ran over to the farmer (who totally loves her since she is completely enraptured by his vegetables) and said: "Vegtal Man... What doin'?"

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