Sunday, September 24, 2006

A swaddled babe

The night after the one I wrote about below, I decided to try swaddling Hope. Emily never liked it/it never made a difference for her. But, for a lot of babies it offers a lot of comfort after the close confines of their original homes. Seems to be the case for Hope because it totally made a difference. Now, I breastfeed her, wrap her up, walk the floor for a couple of minutes and she is out. I put her in the Moses bed and she goes to sleep. Sometimes she may need to suck on my finger for a bit to really go to sleep but usually that is all it takes. We've also introduced the soother to her and she does like it but she still prefers boob or my finger to suck on to go to sleep. I'll keep up with the soother as well and maybe someday that will be an easy way for her to fall asleep. The only issue I'm really having with her sleep is her morning nap. She fights it but also needs it. I hope to work on that this week as well as work on getting her used to the sling and chest carrier (aka the hug-a-bub).

This morning we went out for dim sum with Dawn, John and Mimi. It was great. Emily loved it, Hope slept the whole time and John and I relaxed and had a great time. For Emily, one of the highlights was going to the bathroom to wash her hands. The second time she wanted to do this I sent her off with John to the bathroom. This is where it got good. Emily loves to do the play by play on everything going on around her. While in the bathroom with John someone came in to use the urinal. Emily: "Girl pee pee." John: "No, boy pee pee." Emily: "Boy pee pee." Man at urinal laughs. Man at urinal farts. Emily: "Boy toot toot." Man at urinal: "Sorry about that." Man laughs. Emily laughs. John must find urinal quickly to avoid peeing in his pants. Karen: when John tells her in car, cannot contain laughter. Laughs all the way home. Laughs when thinking of it in afternoon. Laughing now.

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