Sunday, December 03, 2006

Christmas has arrived at our house

Christmas exploded at our house today. I pulled out the decorations (non-tree related) and Emily "helped" me put them around. She was really excited about it. I can't wait until she sees the tree and everything that goes up on it. I'm debating about whether I should let her help decorate it this year. I think I could potentially lose my mind if I do. I am considering instead, decorating it while she is asleep and then have her see it in its glory when she wakes up. It will save several broken decorations anyway. I'll have to think about that one.

We took Emily and Hope to see Santa today - for real. I wanted to get a picture of the big event but fully expected Emily to say no to sitting on the big guy's knee. I called it right. She would have none of it. Several people - Santa, Meredith, the elf - tried to coax her up there but she kept resisting. I kept saying to everyone that if she didn't want to go up there, just let her be. My feeling is that we shouldn't try and force kids into something that they're uncomfortable with (as long as the "something" isn't really necessary - I am all for forcing Emily to sit on the toilet even when she says "no"). So, Hope had her picture taken with Santa but not Emily. Emily did get a candy cane though and did walk up and look at Santa but that was enough for her. I figure she is on the right track if she doesn't want to sit on a big, fat hairy stranger's knee.

Tomorrow will hopefully be Chariot-buying day. I've sold off the bike trailer already to my good friends, Greg and Tamara, and I have the double stroller listed on Craig's List and on Hopefully I'll get some bites. So, tomorrow is errand day unless we don't get moving early enough. We'll see how it plays out.

Hope is ultra sweet and cute right now. And very sleepy. The last two days she has slept the afternoon away. Today I woke her up after 4 hours because my boobs were starting to ache. Don't know what is up with that. I think she's a bit congested - maybe a cold? She's really happy while she's awake though so I figure she's fine. It's funny - after one baby I thought I would worry less about the next one when things don't follow the usual routine but I worry just as much. It's what we do because they're our kids - it doesn't matter where they fall in the line-up. And Hope is my heart, just as much as Emily.

Well, off to burn more Christmas music onto the iPod....

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