Friday, December 01, 2006

It shall be mine

I'm going to (try to) sell three of our strollers/bike trailer and buy this:
The Chariot Cougar 2. Can be a jogger and bike trailer (not to mention that you can also buy skis for it for x-country skiing trails). Hopefully will have it by the end of the weekend. Yeehah... just in time for the snow/ice that arrived this morning. Blech.

Yes, we have three strollers to sell. In actual fact, we currently own five stroller type things: a pram, a double Peg Perego, a Burley bike trailer, an Evenflo "mall" stroller, a BOB jogging stroller. Yikes. I always said we wouldn't be people who acquired a lot of baby equipment. So, we're getting rid of three strollers and replacing with this one. I'll keep the pram (of course, it was used for Beth and I when we were babies and will go to Beth should she need/want it someday), and the "mall" stroller for use in, well, malls while Hope is in her existing car seat (it clips onto this particular stroller). So, each has had its own use but I really wish I had just got the Chariot at the beginning of this whole kid thing and avoided the BOB, the Burley and the double Peg Perego. Anyway, lesson for anyone else out there - think carefully at the beginning about what you will want to do through the year (outdoors) and how many kids you think you will have. And then shell out the big money for something that will keep your number of strollers to a minimum.


little b said...

I saw the chariot strollers at Interbike this year. I was super impressed with them. They are well thought out and well constructed. and pricey. But they are from Calgary, aren't they? So that is cool. Good luck with the trailer sales!

Rabes said...

Yup, wholly Canadian! They are pricey but the resale price stays very high at least.