Monday, December 18, 2006

We're barfing up Christmas all over

You know when you reach that point where if you hear one more Christmas carol, eat one more Christmas cutout cookie, see one more Christmas tree, you're going to kick the next Santa you see right in the shins? I think today was that day for me.

I do love Christmas, but this year, I'm just not feeling it. I think it is because Christmas was so special for me when my mum was alive and now, two years after her death, it just isn't the same anymore. Hopefully I'll get that magic feeling back in the next few years as we build our own traditions and I see how much the kids love it. But this year, I'm looking for a Santa with some dead nerve endings in his shins.

However.... I did have a lot of fun making this with Emily today:

Yah, she's naked. Again.

If you come to my house and I offer you a piece of gingerbread house, you may want to pass.


Beth said...

Does she always prefer to be naked? I remember when Carley was like that - if we were over there for dinner, I was in charge of getting pajamas on her. She didn't fight me as much as she did her parents. This is a great picture. Naked decorating could become a new trend!

sognatrice said...

Making Gingerbread Houses Naked.

I think there's a book proposal in there somewhere....