Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The other side?

We may have broken through the nastiness barrier - at least for today anyway. For the first time in three or four days (it's all a blur now), Emily went to bed without a tantrum, without screaming at me, without me losing it. It's been a really rough few days and thus the lack of posts. I didn't even know what to say about it. But, today we talked about how she would behave before we went upstairs and she stuck to it. She was great. The old Emily.

I've mentioned lots of times before now how funny Emily is. Like most kids she doesn't realize she is funny when she is at her funniest (if that makes any sense at all). Today she had one of those moments.

She and I were playing in the basement and I could smell something foul. I assumed she had pooped in her underwear (yes, the battle continues... still no birthday cake). I asked her if she'd poop, she said no. I told her I had to check and of course, there was some poop. I said: "Emily, you did poop in your underwear!" She looked at me and said: "Dat's not good!" Okay, so it was a lot funnier with her inflections and little speech impediment. You'll just have to trust me. It was damn funny.


Anonymous said...

Sympathies! I know what you mean about telegraphing and how well it works. I sometimes feel self conscious itemizing for Gillian the steps we are about to take (and then asking her to parrot it all back.....controlling? perhaps, but I've found it works least, you can throw it back in their wee little troubled toddler face when they attempt to side-step "the plan.") Whatever it takes, I say!

And yes, the little scratchy voice, speech flaws are the absolute best! Congrats all around!


Anonymous said...

Yeah for a good day! BOO for the badness in the underpants. But hey, we're not near a birthday yet... still time for cake. Here's to the hope for a run of good days ahead. (And no, it's almost never good to find poop in your underpants... unless you're a general surgery patient... then you get cheers and pats on the back (C: hee hee)