Sunday, February 25, 2007

That was nothing

A couple of months ago I proclaimed that Emily had become the spawn of Satan. That Emily had nothing, I repeat, NOTHING, on the current version.

Emily will be entirely herself one minute and within seconds and with virtually no warning, become, and I'm not joking at all, the child you always see on Nanny 911 screaming at her parents, screaming "no," running away, refusing to listen or do as she is told no matter how benign the request. Seriously, that is Emily right now.

We've been really, really lucky with Emily. She has, for the most part, been a very easy toddler. She listens quite well, she is fairly polite, she is really loving, she aims to please most of the time. She is funny, smart, cute, silly, fun.... all the good stuff and her bad stuff isn't nearly as bad as we've witnessed in other kids her age. Until two days ago or so.

John and I have spouted different theories on the change in her... developmental? diet? t.v. (too much)? disrupted routine the last two weeks due to visitors (we kind of agree this is most likely)? There's really no way to know for sure right now but I expect something will reveal itself in the next few days.

I'm pretty much at a loss on how to deal with it. I've pulled out all the regular tricks and then some. I've got to say... nothing has bothered me as much as being screamed at by my child. It really makes my blood boil. It is just so..... antisocial. I actually am starting to hesitate before we go anywhere wondering what might happen while we're out... how embarrassed I will be when/if she turns on me in the middle of Chapters.

I now know why they are called the Terrible Twos. I didn't really understand it until this past week. It is so clear now.

She's two and a half and I'm finding it this hard. I'm scared shitless of the teenage years. Narcotics maybe... for both of us?

On the other side of the page, Emily pooped in the toilet tonight, the first time in days. She's been saving it up for her naps or just not going at all. So, I heaped loads of praise on her and rewarded her with a new Barney video (how's that for cutting down on her t.v.... believe me I see the idiocy). And then there is Hope, who is sleeping like shit, but in every other way is pretty much excellent and perfect. To end on that happy note, here are some photos of Hope and I from yesterday when she wasn't napping. Bless Photo Booth:

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Anonymous said...

I love the pictures! You look so happy together!
By the way, your hair looks so long! It very pretty.