Saturday, February 24, 2007

The whirlwind is over for now

My dad and Donna just pulled out of the driveway. It has been a frenzied few days, a frenzied couple of weeks actually. It started with the visit by John's mom for a week, then John left for 3 days for research in Toronto, then my dad and Donna arrived, then John got back and now my dad and Donna (and dog) are on their way home and normalcy, good or bad, will resume.

My dad and Donna accomplished a huge amount while they were here - the While You Were Out for starters (looks amazing but pictures won't be put up until the final touches are done - i.e. replacing stupid IKEA lamps that were original plan with something that isn't broken and discontinued. Grrr... Swedish for Common Crap), reinstalling the gate at the top of the stairs, putting more shelves in the top of three closets in the house. That's a lot. Meanwhile, there were kids to entertain and take care of, meals to cook, etc etc etc. It was great but now I'm ready for some downtime and to get back into the regular routine.

I think today will be a family day of tobogganing and hanging around. I'll try to finish up the room to satisfy the masses with some good photos. Maybe I'll shower too. Hmmm, that might be too ambitious for a Saturday. I must pace myself after all.

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