Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Diagnosis... positive

Looks like I may have a future in pathology. It is confirmed as of this morning that Emily ALSO has a bladder infection. Needless to say, I sprayed pretty much every surface of our house with Lysol last night. My doctor laughed when I told her and said: "Of course you did." But, she says my dirty ways have nothing to do with the recent run of bladder issues in our house.

So now Emily is on the same antibiotic Hope was on. She loves to dramatically tell me while she is peeing how sore her "gina" is. I was sympathetic but I'm reaching the callous stage.

She also seems to love all the juice she is being offered, something rare around here. We're milk and water people for our kids but all hell has broken loose on the juice front now. May hay while the sun doth shine, Emily.


little b said...

It sounds like she's taking it rather well. I'm sure the juice helps to reduce the sore gina.

Anonymous said...

Wow! A contagious UTI... I'm gonna have to write that one up! Happy antibiotic-ing!