Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It can't be contagious so maybe our house is just a cess pool

Emily has a bladder infection. At least, that's my diagnosis. She is peeing every 20 minutes or so and only a little bit of pee comes out. And it burns. Or in her words: "My gina sore!" Graphic... I know. Sorry. Seems that all signs are pointing in the direction of a bladder infection.

So, I'm feeding her cranberry juice (okay, cranberry grape juice if truth be told. Have you ever tried to get a toddler to drink straight cranberry juice? I dare you.). Because the doctor's office didn't get back to me with an appointment possibility until right after the two ankle biters were asleep, we have to wait until tomorrow morning. I sure hope she can sleep through the burning that she is sure to experience through the night. I'd be open to suggestions of other home remedies, old wives tales, witches' brews... whatever you have in your arsenal. On the bright side, she's getting really good at using the toilet.

So, it isn't contagious, I'm told. Odd that both my girls get this within two weeks of one another. It is apparently a bacteria, which leads me to wonder: Is my house really that much of a bacteria-infected, germ-producing cess pool? I'll admit here that cleaning isn't exactly at the top of my agenda most days but the house isn't downright, Oprah-show kind of dirty. You can see the floor. You can even tell that the bathtub is a natural 1980s beige colour. I wash the diapers every two to three days. Emily never doubles up on underwear. There are a lot of dust bunnies. Enough that we've started considering them part of the family but I doubt the kids contracted the infection from them. Maybe I can blame someone else. Like aliens. Or Stephen Harper. Oooh, I like that. I'm going to work on that one.

I will admit that I'm damn dirty right now. I haven't showered today because I have no clean underwear. It's all in the wash. Okay, it's all in the dirty laundry bag save two pairs which are in the laundry machine.

Hmmm, so maybe the bladder infections are a result of my dirty-birdiness.

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