Friday, March 09, 2007

Not her best moment

To give me a bit of a break and also so I could help Hope without distraction, John took Emily this morning on one of their adventures. Their adventures normally entail a stop at Tim's, some shopping, maybe a train ride. Today was no different. They drove to Tim's and had a Timbit and bagel. Then they went over to the train and took it to Carleton where John is a professor. She wowed his colleagues and had yet another snack then they ran for the bus and made their way over to Licks. Emily had declared that her next stop on her gastronomic tour was hamburgers. During the whole adventure Emily was apparently talking non-stop and absolutely charming everyone around her - Emily at her best according to John.

Then it all went sour. After she'd eaten her hamburger, she played in the little play area at Licks. "Daddy, look!" she said. And then John saw the horror of all horrors. Emily was peeing. Peeing in her pants and all over the toys in the toy area. And damn proud of it.

A Licks employee had to help clean it up. Emily was whisked out and given a thorough tongue lashing and threats of worse if it every happens again. I imagine she won't be getting hamburgers or time in a restaurant anytime soon. John is still smoking. Emily was tear-ridden all through the lead up to her nap. It was a bad end to a great morning for the two of them.

I'm glad I was home with a girl who is clearly on the mend.


Undercover Angel said...

Oh're poor husband must have been so embarrassed. These things happen, and I think every parent has a similar story. I remember being in a restaurant once when my son who was potty training peed on the upholstered seat. I wonder how long it took them to get the stain and smell out of that...

Shan said...

No I would have to agree that doesn't sound like her best moment.

I know it must be rough to live away from family. Is there another family you could trade babysitting/playdates with for those particularly rough days? I have a couple of Mom's in my neighbourhood that I traded with last summer. I would trade with you, but Ottawa is a bit of a long haul from here.

Glad to hear Hope is on the mend.