Monday, April 30, 2007

AWOL Like Me

John pointed out to me tonight, not that he had to, that I haven't posted since last Wednesday. Over the last couple of weeks, the delay between my posts has become longer and longer. I'm just finding it hard to find the time to post lately. The girls don't always sleep at the same time. When this happens it only leaves me the evening to post. I've been cherishing my time with John lately that we only get in the evenings when all is quiet. Oh, also, we're addicted to Dead Like Me on DVD. Yah, that.

When the girls do nap at the same time, I've been spending time doing our taxes (got them in right under the wire today!), looking into options for next year (navel gazing post is coming very soon.... I promise.... I think), or cleaning (minimally - really not my forte or my favourite thing to do. Ever), or cooking. Doing lots and lots of cooking. With the nice turn in the weather, I always want to be outside with the girls after their afternoon naps so I have to get the cooking underway before they wake up. Again, little time left to blog.

The thing is, I really miss my almost daily posts and I really miss reading my favourite blogs which I am WAY behind on, too. For me, like many bloggers, this is a creative outlet and a place for me to explore and even realize my take on the things going on in my own life and the world at large. I miss it. I'll be back but it will still be a bit scarce for the next while.

At least until we hit the end of Dead Like Me. I just love that Inigo Montoya guy.


sognatrice said...

Sometimes you do need to step out of the blogosphere for a while, even as much as you miss it. My forced absence (due to Internet problems) was quite refreshing, actually, and I find myself not wanting to spend so much time on the computer lately. Probably has to do with Spring, too. You *will* be back for WCW, I trust?

Karen said...

Oh, I'll always be in for WCW!

little b said...

I love 'Dead like me'! We've lately been sucked into previous seasons of 'House'. Fortunately, I can usually watch while doing something else. We're caught up now, so we'll probably move on to a more absorbing show for a few weeks.

Anonymous said...

I'll miss you when you don't blog, but I DO understand!