Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I see my future and it is hell

Well, actually, it isn't hell so much as hellish. As of yesterday, Hope is showing obvious signs of figuring out how to be mobile. Oh, say it ain't so!

Between yesterday and today, she's become even closer to beelining across the floor. Right now the situation is this: she sits and sees something out of her reach. She slowly rolls herself forward until she is on hands and knees then lifts one arm (I know! Some adults can't even manage that) and tries to grab the object (think Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade just before the temple collapses). She then collapses onto her stomach and spends the next while rolling around and inching backwards. She pretty much mastered this move since yesterday.

I'm not predicting that crawling will be happening in the next few days necessarily but you never know. If she wants it bad enough, it could very well be that we'll be in full lock down very soon. Because, this one? She's going to be into everything. She's already torn apart two colouring books and a Kindermusik book. She's pulled games, blocks and books off shelves and onto her head and I know she wants a lot more. She wants it all, baby. Unlike Emily who I've never had to tell more than twice to stay out of the china cabinet. With Hope we may be replacing everything with Tupperware.

Oh, one more Hope tidbit: got a call today from our doctor who said that Hope's results from the CHEO tests of last week came back with the all fine. Great news.


Anonymous said...

Yeah for the good results!!! And hey... you knew that the mobility had to come at some point! Happy tupperwaring (I always thought there was some fun to eating off plastic plates -- tee hee!)

Shan said...

Oh boy do I feel for you. It was very much the same way with Abby and Maya. Maya is into everything. I wouldn't be the least nit surprised to find her hanging from the living room ceiling fan. Good luck.