Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter All

The annual egg hunt went off splendidly this morning. I used those snap together plastic eggs and filled them with stickers and some chocolates. Their size and colour made it really easy for Emily this year. I'll definitely do that again next year. Yes, I am the last parent on Earth to discover these. So what? I didn't know what an iPod was until two years ago either.

Egg hunting was followed by church. As it has been for the last three weeks or so, Emily was not stellar during the service, and neither, for that matter, was Hope. Of course, I don't blame Hope for that, she is only 7 months old after all (as of yesterday, it turns out). But, Emily? She can do better. Way better.

It's hard to be motivated to keep going though when John and I have to divide and conquer and really don't even get to hear the sermon because we're managing the kids (surprisingly, this doesn't seem to bother John too much). Today was even worse because there wasn't a Children's Hour program so Emily had to either make it through the whole service (hah!) or go into the nursery or play in the hallway with all the other wayward toddlers.

We left early.

I decided to use Easter as a good segue into effective discipline and tell her that Jesus died because he wouldn't be quiet and listen in church. She cried. No harm done though, right?


Anonymous said...

So you don't think you have scared her for life? Or maybe just frightened her enough to be quiet during church... hmm, could have been a brilliant move. ;-)

Happy Easter!


Shan said...

Wow our lives really seem to be in tune these days.

Abby was also a bit of a pill in church this morning. I actually wasn't even going to go. Maya usually sleeps at that time so Mike and I normally trade off or Abby goes with Mike's parents. It being Easter Sunday I asked Mike if we should all go to church and Maya started nodding her head. Remind me not to listen to her.

No Sunday school for us either today, but they do have colouring books, crayons and magnetic paper dolls for the kids to play with. Abby was colouring away while I was dealing with Maya and I turned back just in time to see her colouring on top of the hymn book. So after a whispered scolding she pouted for about half the service. Maya was crawling/walking between the pew I was sitting in with the girls and the pew ahead of us where Mike was sitting while jabbering at the top of her lungs. Luckily we have an elderly congregation that's a bit hard of hearing.

After church Abby did go to our Minister to confess and apologize for colouring on the hymn book. Our Minister was very good about it, so that was a relief.

Melissa said...

Hang in there with the whole church thing. I am right there with you as my oldest absolutley now loves to go and doesn't want to miss while my 2 year old asks to go home as soon as we open the door. I know it is going to be worth it though when we can all go and actually enjoy a sermon! Mel