Saturday, April 07, 2007

A Diane Arbus in the making

When my old digital camera died, I gave it to Emily to play with. There were no batteries in it and for a while she was satisfied with just pretending. But then she asked for batteries so she could take pictures. I decided to show her how to use it and see what would happen. What has happened is a wonderful, huge collection of photos that Emily has taken herself. After only a few days, she has figured out how to take photos (and not just of the floor anymore), how to review her photos and I think she's teaching herself the zoom function already. Beth asked that I put some of her photos up here.

I know it is just a two-year old fooling around with a camera but to me it is also a glimpse into how she sees the world, how she interprets it... and what it's like to be so freaking short.

Being that there were a few I wanted to put up, I decided to post them through Flickr. Here is a taste of what you'll see there:


Shan said...

Abby loves taking pictures too. She now often helps herself to my camera and I never know she's used until I transfer the pictures to the computer. She's actually taken some really great pictures and I have a set of hers on flickr as well. My blogger profile pic is one she took and I love it.

I always like seeing the world through her eyes.

Anonymous said...

That's great!

Anonymous said...

OK, that is just too cool! What an amazing way to see what she sees. Definitely something that I will remember for Junior!