Monday, April 02, 2007

Something good

Everyone: Emily just came to me, asked to poop in the toilet, and then did. Oh. My. God. Thank you.

More updates later. Must go play with new soccer ball she now has.


Anonymous said...

YEAH!!! I guess we've found the cure... AUNTIE BETH! Yes... with aunty beth around, who wouldn't want to poop in the toilet? I certainly find that I do!

Nice artwork Emily... and good poop work too! Enjoy the soccer ball and all the best on getting the birthday cake before you turn 12!

Mmm... a day at the spa... mmm... enjoy!

Undercover Angel said...

Glad to hear she's pooping in the potty! I'll bet your glad...

sognatrice said...

Yeah! A poopy party! You go girl (but only in the toilet)!

Anonymous said...

How excited were you?? That's great news. It must be Beth. She is just never allowed to leave. Here's hoping that the habit will stick.