Monday, April 02, 2007

Try to keep up with this one

Beth is here! Beth is here! Beth is here! Can you tell that I'm excited?

My sister arrived from Texas on Saturday afternoon and is here until next Saturday and it is sooooo great. Emily is beside herself with excitement every morning as she waits for Beth to get up. They've already baked (a lot), played, we went to Parliament yesterday and saw the creepy cat sanctuary, went to the market for tea and still have an entire week ahead of us. We're not exactly sure what all we'll do but I'm sure we'll have no trouble filling it. So far we're thinking of swimming, a museum, playgroup and Kindermusik, and for me, a trip to the spa. Oh my, yes.

Today we're staying in. It's raining and I'm getting a quote for having our roof done (ouch, I'm sure) and an electrician is coming to fix the three outlets in our kitchen that don't work. Right now everything is plugged into either the stove or the one remaining outlet that works. I'm sure I don't have to tell you that that, well, it's a little irritating.

This post, as you've likely already noticed, is jumping all over the place. Hold on for one more jump, Mr. Gaeta.

I was preparing to leave the house on Saturday afternoon to do a few groceries. I was taking Hope with me. Emily was staying home with John. John was cleaning the house. As I left, Emily told John that she wanted to play outside on her new climber thingy. As I was about to walk out the door I heard him say to her: You can play outside but I'm not coming. I'm going to be vacuuming upstairs.

Um, HUH?

I quickly explained why a two-year old shouldn't play alone in an unfenced yard with climbing equipment that has public trails going behind it and then I left the house. I seethed the entire time I was away, secretly hoping that John was kidding. His reaction to that when I asked him later was: "Um, if you say so."

We then had an extended discussion, with him nodding the whole time and looking a bit sheepish in his own John way, about why a two-year old should not be playing outside alone. We were both kind of laughing at the tragedy of it all.

Father of the Year Award people? I think I have a prime candidate you may want to consider.


Anonymous said...

In hindsight, it was not a great moment for me. I wish I could write a sentence that begins "in my defence..." but, alas, that just ain't so. Thank you for not telling anyone about the time I went all Britney Spears and took Emily for a car-ride on my lap while drinking a bottle of scotch, firing my gun, and yelling "who loves ya, baby?!" to all pedestrians who strayed in front of our out-of-control vehicle. It was almost as bad as this. Almost. --J

Anonymous said...

At least you nodded... I understand that's key (c; Just think how boring the ER would be if everyone actually watched their kiddies and didn't do anything silly! Nice to hear you can talk it out.

Shan said...

That reminds of the day I overhead Mike tell Abby she could go swimming and he'd watch her from his desk. INSIDE the house. We had a big discussion about that one too in which there was a lot of nodding. Aww men, gotta love 'em!