Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Boston postponed?

Ugh. We have colds. Bad colds. I thought I'd made it through winter and this round of breastfeeding without getting a sinus cold, but then Emily got a cold last week and now I have it. Through her other colds this winter, I've managed to stay healthy. But no longer.

Every time I get a cold it gets into my sinuses. Extremely painful but made worse when you can't take any medication. I love breastfeeding, but that part sucks.

Anyway, if we're not a lot better by Thursday, we'll have to postpone the trip if I can convince Priceline to give me cancellation insurance after the fact. Otherwise, I guess I'll be sick in Boston instead of at home.

Shit luck.


little b said...

oh! That totally sucks. If only i'd actually gotten the neti pot in the mail already! Sorry about that, it would help if your sinuses aren't totally plugged. I'll get it packaged up and sent today.

Can you do a steam treatment or something? I hope you are feeling well enough for the trip, or can change your reservation dates.

Karen said...

I know! I was thinking about the neti pot yesterday and wondering if it would help. They're not totally plugged because I'm taking a herbal dose twice a day that is keeping things flowing (heavy on the fenugreek).

I think we'll still go... I don't think Priceline will give us a refund.