Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Day One

The drive from Ottawa to Kitchener went surprisingly well. It was actually fun. Seriously. The girls slept for the first two and a half hours. They played after that. Getting close to Toronto I had to stop twice, once for a pee break for Emily and once to feed Hope to try and stop some crying. It didn't work. She'd had enough. So, she cried for about 40 minutes until we reached my dad's house in Toronto.

We had a nice dinner and visit there and then on to Kitchener. Emily watched Franklin on the new DVD player and Hope slept. Not sure where I stand on the portable DVD player but it served me well at that point.

Today we made a trip to Costco with Tamara. I don't have a membership and doubt I ever will so this was pretty exciting for me. I bought too much but hell, it was fun. Then home for lunch and then we took a hug walk to Waterloo Park where there are some animals (llamas, ostrich, rabbits, tortoise, etc) and a playground. Emily loved all that - the swings more than the animals in fact.

On the walk home we treated ourselves to frappacinos, Emily fell asleep and the babies amused themselves.

Highlight of the day was Rockway Fish and Chips for supper. Great fish and chips and a butterscotch milkshake split three ways. Emily ate butter. Plain. Out of the little butter disposable thingys. Then she ate tartar sauce with a fork and asked for me. Which I gave her. We are on holiday after all.

More updates tomorrow. Must go watch the hockey game.

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