Monday, May 28, 2007

Why I do it

Shannon, my dear Fairy Blogmother, tagged me for a meme about why I blog. I'm going to address that in a minute or two. First I want to say something about why I watch hockey and more specifically, playoff hockey because aside from the part of being a fan, I don't really know. I find it inordinately stressful. My blood pressure goes up as soon as the opposing team puts any pressure on my Sens. I'm sure it is unhealthy. And yet I can't not watch. I have to be part of the action, part of the excitement and part of the celebration when they bring it all home. Which you, of course, know they will. For some reason though I'll be in Kitchener when all the partying and hoopla goes down because we all also know they'll be finishing this up in 5, baby.

Okay, on to why I blog. I'm supposed to list five reasons. Here we go:

1. Keeping people in the know. I started to blog to keep my work to a minimum while keeping all my family in the know in regards to Emily and the person I then called #2, now known as Hope. It is still a big reason for why I blog but certainly my motivation has gone well beyond this now.

2. To keep a good record of my moments with these two crazy kids. In the past I've tried to keep a written journal but I never keep it up. I've been much better about the blog and I know that both I and they will be very happy to have this journal one day to look back on.

3. Feeding my creative side. I've always liked to write but I rarely do it for pleasure anymore, until I started to blog. I think I've sloughed off the rust now and I'm starting to feel like I'm doing it fairly well again. Without the blog, I doubt I would be writing much beyond the occasional email.

4. Working things out. I find the blog is a great way for me to work out problems, come to decisions but putting on screen the choices, sides, pros and cons. Sometimes I don't even know my position on something until I start to blog about it. Through my writing comes realizations.

5. The social. When I started this I never expected to actually "meet" people because of my blog. Now there are at least two people who I've never met in person but feel very comfortable calling friends. And I love to hear from they regularly in comments and through the occasional email.

Okay, so I'm not going to tag anyone today, since I pretty much always tag the same people. If you would like to do the meme, please join in and just leave me a comment saying you're doing so.

On the holiday front, I'm pretty damn organized and feeling pretty proud of myself. Now if only I could get Hope to bed so I could concentrate on the hockey game. The girl doesn't sleep for days and then today does a 3.5 hour nap. It seems to have made her rather chipper.


Lara said...

I liked this meme so I tagged myself :)

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for reason number 1!!! Without it, I'd never know anything about you! as it is, I know what you're up to (and the kiddies) more than most of my own family!
Keep it up... I don't really care what the reasons are as long as you do it (c;