Friday, May 18, 2007

It's real now

Yesterday I informed my boss and the language training coordinator and one of the daycare providers that I'm not coming back for at least a year. Wow, it's real now. Asking for just one more year still gives me the option, after the year, of doing the French training, or I can continue the leave. Leaves options open for me. Just one more daycare to inform and then it's all done. It feels right.

Of course, Emily has proven "challenging" since I made the decision to stay home. A total coincidence but funny and tragic at the same time. She's just being, well, bad. She pours water on the floor for fun. She dumped a bowl of water into Hope's mouth during the bath (much choking, spluttering and crying ensued from Hope). The best one was when she put two balls inside our sub-woofer (still trapped in there until we do some sub-woofer surgery). This one actually made us laugh (in private). It's attune to grilled cheese in the VCR.

Top all that with the "why's". I'm going crazy with the why's. Why is it hot? Why is it dirty? Why are you making lunch? Why I hungry? All rather philisophical I suppose but also SO ANNOYING. I try and be patient but after 12 hours of this, I think Job himself might throw something.

Time to get on top of the cleaning. This house is disgusting. I get sick, the place gets very dirty, very quickly. Why is that? Why is it when the woman gets sick, nothing runs quite the same? Oh right, because I'm the woman.

That just wasn't in the brochure.

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