Saturday, June 09, 2007


I have several posts I want to put up, all of which deserve more than the seven or so minutes I have to myself per day right now that isn't filled with cooking or kids or gardening or shopping. Hope, who is completely wonderful right now in every way but one, is a bear to get to sleep and once she is asleep she stays that way for all of an hour (when I'm lucky) before she is up again. I miss the days of her great, long sleeps.

So this is the extent of my post for today. Maybe for a few days. I have lots I want to say but I want to say it well (okay, at least marginally well) and I'm frustrated that I just have no time. It really sucks ass.

The kids are great though. Lots of fun. I'd share pictures if it didn't take so damn long to organize. Maybe next time.

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