Tuesday, July 10, 2007

10 months

Dear Hopes (my newest nickname for you in a long line of nicknames),

You turned 10 months old on July 7 while we were all celebrating Baby Texan's imminent arrival. The day did not go by however without me quietly reflecting on all that you are to me. Today I was reminded again that 10 months can go by so quickly because in just one day I am seeing significant changes in you.

You spent today doing the following: pulling up on every piece of furniture or person or pully-uppy thing in your reach, learning to wave bye-bye, standing for just a few seconds all on your own. I looked at you tonight while I was failing to put you to sleep (I'm listening to you cry through the monitor as I type this) and no longer saw the baby that you have been the last 10 months. Instead, I saw the toddler that you are becoming. The toddler you became last night it seemed while you slept. Your hair is starting to curl at the back reminding me of Emily's toddler days. Your face is so expressive. You are strongly motivated to get what you want when you want and show your fury when you don't get it. You've developed a distinct scream to show your anger and frustration. But when you are really happy in any single moment, your face is completely swallowed by your wide smile.

You love me. You make that very clear in your tender moments when you are feeling a little sad or tired. It's always me you want. And I love it. Your face lights up when I walk in the room or when I start to take you out of your car seat or when you and I start playing little game of peekaboo. You wave your arms in anticipation of me picking you up and this completely makes my day each and every time you do it.

I'm so excited about the days, months and years ahead of us. So glad you are here my not-so-wee one. I better go get you now... I hear the fury of Hope building.


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Shan said...

Beautiful post Karen.