Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wanted: 40 winks

The last 36 hours or so have gone pretty much like this: girls did not nap at the same time yesterday so no break for me yesterday afternoon; Hope didn't go to sleep until 10:00 last night; Emily got up at 6:30 this morning; took girls on a "tourist in your own town" adventure today which required me to push Emily in the stroller all over Parliament Hill and Byward Market while carrying Hope's 20 pounds on my back; Emily didn't nap today; Hope napped for 1 hour; took Emily and Hope to playground late this afternoon pushing Emily on her tricycle and carrying Hope, again, on my back; tonight I fixed Emily's tricycle and started to assemble bike trailer for tomorrow's adventures. Somewhere in there I also cooked a decent dinner. I don't have the energy to post the recipe. It was meatballs on skewers with pineapple stuck on the bbq. Sounds good in theory but the meatballs fell off. Not worth sharing the recipe.

For now, I will lay me down to rest.


Shan said...

Sorry about your recipe Karen. It did sound good in theory. Here's hoping the kids sleep in just a little bit tomorrow. Or take a nice long nap at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Try wrapping the skewers (with food on them) in foil next time. It sounds tasty and that would keep the meat from falling off.