Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Ankle of many colours

My ankle swelling reached its peak while we were at the cottage. I described my ankle as really belonging to a gout-ish British senior. It really was that attractive. The swelling is way down now - only a little left. The colours though, oh, the colours! And the pain, oh, the pain! I thought it would be feeling a lot better by now. I've sprained my other ankle a few times and don't remember it hurting this much. Granted, I had the luxury of staying off of it for a few days, something I haven't been able to do this time being that there are two little people biting at my ankles all the time. Just to be sure that there is nothing seriously wrong, I'm going to see the doctor this week. Sometime.

A photo update:

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Anonymous said...

WOW-ZA!!! That's looks uuuuuuuuu-GLY! (of course, that's only my professional opinion).