Thursday, August 23, 2007

Feeling frantic

My dad and Donna were visiting the last two days or so. It was a nice distraction. I completely had my head in the sand about getting ready for a big family weekend at the cottage (John's family is all congregating at my family's cottage for a 65th birthday celebration for John's mom - and celebrating Emily and Hope's birthdays, too) and my trip to Texas on Monday. Add to that the fact that we're having friends over for dinner tonight. I know that sounds like incredibly bad planning but I couldn't do it any other night this week and these friends are moving to Virginia next week.

Anywho. I'm feeling a wee bit frantic, even panicked right now. I have A LOT to do. First, I have to get the house tidied. Luckily I did a deep clean a couple of days ago so now I just have to mop the main floor and clean the bathrooms on the top floor. I'll do that late tonight or on Monday morning. I have to make dinner and dessert for tonight.

I should probably shower.

Then I have to pack for the cottage. We're leaving first thing tomorrow. I can think more about Texas on Sunday night/Monday morning. A new panic will ensue at that point.

I'm really excited about going to Texas but I wish I could hire a professional chef, packer and organizer just for today. That would be sweet. Any volunteers?


Shan said...

Wish I could help you out Karen. Try not to rush too much and enjoy your time at the cottage.

Anonymous said...

Emily has just volunteered to be your packer/planner/chef... in a few years (c;