Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A little something extra

In trying to upload my blog posts to Facebook, I added a subscribe feature to the blog - over there. See it? No, over there, on the right. Although it totally didn't work in Facebook and I still can't figure out how to upload my posts to the Notes section there, you can, if you choose, subscribe to get notices of blog updates. Yeah, I know. More spam type email. Still, thought you might like to know.


Anonymous said...

Can I have your new header photo! Looks like the cottage, no? And about the furnace guy, I've had them coming in to tell me about replacing my furnace, and they're all over the map! So... I'm glad you got a good one (now you just need a plumber to fix the drippy tap... tee hee!)

juls said...

you are so teck savvy! I think you now offically qualify as a computer geek! I am offically a member, how exciting!