Saturday, September 01, 2007

Austin Day 4

I took Westley and Hope for a good walk this morning. I decided to put Hope in Beth's Chariot and reduce my sweat a little this morning. I walked over to HEB, a big grocery store here. I picked up a couple of things for Hope and some potatoes for supper.

The rest of the morning was relaxed. I cleaned out Beth and Graeme's fridge, meanwhile Rose has cleaned mine out at home (thanks, Rose!). It's all even steven. After lunch we went to a huge electronics store - Fry's. The place is enormous. I bought two DVDs for Emily - Find Nemo and a Veggie Tales DVD - and The Sound of Music, which I've wanted for a while. With the great exchange rate and the lower prices I definitely came out ahead. I also (finally) replaced my crappy card reader. I'll try it out later.

After Fry's we went to Costco, ate cheap hot dogs and pizza for lunch and then shopped. Graeme got some amazing lamb chops for supper. They were superb.

Hope is now crying in her crib - she is having a really hard time going to sleep tonight, likely because she had a late afternoon nap and also because she is damn stubborn. This is my second attempt to get her to bed. After the first try, we sat down together to talk to John via video through iChat. I've said it before, but Macs just rock. I've talked to him the last 3 nights via iChat and last night I even got to talk to and see Emily. That was so important to me. She's having a hard time right now. Me being away is really having an affect the last two days. I feel terrible for her as well as for John and Rose who are on the receiving end of her anger and saddness. I wouldn't do this differently, I just feel so sad for my girl. I want to hold her and not let go. For a long, long time. I miss her to the depths of my soul. At the same time, I'm so glad I'm here and I'm glad I'm here for a while I just wish it was easier on Emily.

Hope is finally asleep - she cried herself there but it wasn't bad. I'm going to head there soon too. Tomorrow morning I'm going to take Westley and Hope on a walk to a coffee destination. We really don't have any plans after that until evening when we're probably going to go out for barbecue. Serious Texas barbecue. There's nothing like it. I'll probably clean the bathrooms and that will be the extent of our day. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Kate is doing great. She is filling in now around the jaw bone and her arms are starting to look pudgy. She sleeps really well for a newborn. She is lovely to hold and makes all the usual grumpy old man faces while she sleeps in your arms. I love to watch her. Hope loves to poke her. She does it very gently, actually. I'm really surprised how quickly Hope has learned to be gentle with her.

Well, I don't think I have much more energy to type. Looks like I'll try the card reader tomorrow instead. Maybe I'll have some photos to put up too.

'Night all.

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Shan said...

Oh poor Emily. It's so hard when you know they are upset. Glad you got to see and talk to her though.