Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Helping out

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My friend, Shannon, over at Tales from the Fairy Blogmother is doing a great thing. She is helping raise money for a terrific cause that is being supported by her brother. Her brother, Dave, is doing a Ride for Africycle. Dave needs to raise $10,000.

Here is in the information on Ride for Africycle taken from Dave's site: Africycle is a grassroots organization that uses the bicycle to impact not only the economic growth of Malawi, Africa, but also the lives of individuals living in Malawi. On Tuesday October 2, 2007, Dave will be riding his bicycle 100 miles (or 160.9km’s) from his house in Peterborough to the grand town of Bloomfield, Ontario, to raise money toward the ongoing work of Africycle in Canada and Malawi.

Here's how you can help, and I strongly urge you to if you can: you can donate directly through Dave's site, or if you're wanting to get some nice jewelry on your wrist or feeling in a gambling mood, go to Shannon's blog and buy one of Grandma Sandi's homemade bracelets or donate for a chance to win a Dell MP3 player.

Go now.

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Brian Kastel said...

I tried to learn how to ride an Africycle as a child and kept falling on my face. Friends would help me up, dust me off, give me money and food but someone else kept taking the money and ransomed the food so I gave up and started riding the bus with everyone else. I no longer give money to those in need but I'm always ready with a kind word and a smile.