Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Feeling hungry? We've got breakfast

Emily woke up at 5:30 having peed in her bed. It doesn't happen often. She tried to sleep with me for a while but we gave up by 6:15. Since I now have all this time on my hands, I immediately came to the computer to have some time with my frequently-ignored little buddy, the blog. I mean, who really needs a clean house anyway right? If you were here right now, you would loudly pronounce: Not you, obviously!

Before going further, I just want to thank the Academy, my family, my favourite bloggy buddy, Shannon, and most importantly, her masochistic brother, Dave, who successfully completed his 100-mile Ride for Africycle yesterday (still time to donate, see the post below!) for the support and opportunity that enabled me to win the Dell Ditty MP3 player! Yay! I know a certain father who will be getting an MP3 player for Christmas this year.

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that a favourite past-time in this house is baking. And Emily is always in there helping me with her sleeves rolled up, ready to crack eggs, stir, knead or do whatever she is allowed to do. Sometimes, if we're not actually baking or cooking, she's in the kitchen using the utensils and bowls and pretending to make supper. Yesterday morning Emily decided to "make salad" while I went to get Hope up for the morning. This still involved breastfeeding Hope so it takes, all told, probably about 15 minutes or so. When I was almost finished Emily came upstairs and told me she made her salad. "It has milk in it," she declared.


"Did you put real milk in your salad, Emily?" I asked. "Yes. And flour."


I gave her the spiel on wasting food, going into the fridge (a no-no), you know, the whole deal. She said "Sorry, Mummy. Don't look down there."

Of course I looked down there. I found, sitting in the middle of the floor, although surprisingly without a giant mess on the floor itself, this:

Through conversations throughout the day I ascertained that it actually contains the following ingredients (you may want to note it down if you were considering making this yourself, based on how delicious it looks): milk, flour, flax seeds, vanilla (and she didn't, of course, go for the cheap artificial vanilla, oh no, she poured half of my real vanilla in there. She's a foodie.), balsamic dressing (realized when I went to use it at lunch and wondered who put the empty bottle back in the fridge - "That was me. I needed it for my salad."), and finally, an egg (realized when I saw a puddle of egg white on the floor). As the day went on I found it funnier and funnier. I think Emily knows not to do it again, to really pretend next time. She may have suspected how funny I thought it was (although I'm still getting over the loss of my vanilla).

We've been sticking around home more recently. Today will be no exception. Our neighbour, Lan, who runs a daycare out of her house, invited Emily to the playground with her kids today so Emily will likely do that while I get the house ready for the carpet cleaning tomorrow. That in itself is a full-day job. There is a lot of crap on the floors of our house. And what is that lingering pee smell in Hope's room? I've looked everywhere for a diaper or something, but ick, I can't locate. Probably good the carpets are getting cleaned.

It's now the late hour of 7:00. Time to get Emily her breakfast before she starts watching Thomas the Tank Engine. And time for coffee #2.


Anonymous said...

It actually looks a bit like pancake batter. Yum!


little b said...

Is that show 'Just Like Mom' still around? Because Emily is ready for the bake off portion!

Anonymous said...

Well, if that's what's cooking wednesday, I'm not going for it (C: And what's this about an MP3 player? Did you have to write a ditty? What was it? Did I miss something?

Shan said...

Abby has done this before.... I had to replace 2/3 of my spice rack.

sognatrice said...

Yum! Gotta give her points for uniqueness!

And congrats on the Ditty thingee ;)