Friday, November 09, 2007

A lovely day

We had a great day today. I took the girls swimming this morning at the Plant Pool (one of the city's newest pools). Cibele, my sister-in-law, came with us. We all had lots of fun. I got to swim two lengths while Cibele fed the kids their snack (and let me say, man, I'm out of shape! Time to get to the pool more regularly), Cibele got to float and swim (something that seems to relieve her icky nausea and make her feel great at 3 months pregnant), Hope got to splash and squeal and Emily jumped off the side of the pool into my arms again and again (and swam with her beloved Dora ring, too).

After the pool we went over to PGI for lunch, one of my favourite cafe/bistro/patisseries in Ottawa. I think I introduced Cibele to a new vice.

The kids had a great nap. I was supposed to end the day with some good shopping at the Ten Thousand Villages sale at the church but instead I took Emily to a walk in clinic to get diagnosed with another UTI. Poor kid. It burns when she pees. I kind of figured that's what it was when she yelled from her bed two nights ago: "MY GINA HURTS!"

So, I'll be going to the sale tomorrow instead.


Anonymous said...

Hurrah for pools! Boo for UTIs. I wish we could have come with, but I get quite enough pool these days with my own practice schedule and swimming lesson Wednesdays. And a PGI run is always welcome! We just made a trek today. Nothing says comfort like white chocolate lollies.


Karen said...

If you're ever up for just PGI, sans pool, give me a shout. We'd love to!

juls said...

PGI? What am I missing out on?

And I would love to go to a family swim with Max if you are in the mood.mangoes